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About Kerry Kara Photography

Throughout the years, our business continues to grow in many directions. However, our mission is the same. AMAZING PHOTOS, PERSONAL SERVICE, AND LASTING RELATIONSHIPS with our clients. Our business is not just a career, but it is a PASSION that keeps changing and growing with every season.

25  years ago, we began our family, with our child, Nik. He became our TOP priority. As life happens, we find new paths to continue to fulfill our dreams. During this journey of parenthood, our work continues to flourish. Our photos have won prestigious photography awards, and they are continually showcased in national magazines. This is an honor to us and our work. We are truly blessed. Nik has given us a more balanced lifestyle; One that nurtures the artist within us, as well as the family that we have created. We could NOT have achieved this without ALL OF YOU.

And for that, we THANK YOU for the continued support in our services, as well as the many referrals that have come our way, because of you.                                  WISHING YOU ALL AN AMAZING 2024!!


We are a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI). Our pictures have been featured in many magazines such as Inside Weddings, Modern Bride, Los Angeles Magazine, Hollywood Reporter, Colorado Expressions, Entrepreneur, Cosmopolitan, Design Times, International Film Festival, The Young Performer Journal, and many more. Our work has been featured on E! Entertainment television, as well as Featured in the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News, & San Francisco Chronicle. We have been awarded numerous INTERNATIONAL AWARDS for our photography. For the years of 2004 & 2005, our work was awarded among the TOP 10 wedding photographers Internationally.  We have been voted in the Top 5 Best Portrait Photographers in Denver (by Denver's A List)  for 2009, 2013 & 2014! Kerry & Patric Kara have over 50 years combined experience together as PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS. In 1996, they founded KLS Photos & Imaging and KARA PHOTOGRAPHY, a Los Angeles-based company that specializes in photographing upscale weddings & family portraiture, celebrity events, and entertainment industry headshots. Their staff use state-of-the-art photographic equipment and digital imaging services to produce photos in a range of styles, from artistic to journalistic. Many of their photos have been sold and used in advertising or as art, especially those shot during their visits to Europe and Asia. They enjoy travel assignments periodically because they believe the exposure to new visual images enhance their creativity. Some of Los Angeles' biggest event planners have hired Kerry & Patric to photograph entertainment industry events, such as The Hollywood Reporter's annual "Young Star Awards", as well as events for "Women In Film". Kerry & Patric try to tell the story of an event or wedding by capturing it from beginning to end and getting the behind-the-scenes shots, when possible.  The couple orchestrates entire teams of photographers to cover large events, with Kerry often pre-planning many shots, as she scouts every venue before any event is photographed. Kerry is a native of the upper peninsula of Michigan. Kerry's love for photography began when she received a small box camera at the age of seven. She began experimenting and learning photography techniques from a family friend who was a professional photographer. When she received her first 35 mm camera upon high school graduation, she began working professionally, photographing weddings and high school sports teams and portraits. Kerry earned a degree in business before moving to Marin County, in the San Francisco Bay area, in 1985, where she began studying acting and doing headshot photography. She later moved to Los Angeles to be closer to the entertainment industry. Kerry has become a sought after wedding and headshot photographer. After the Northridge earthquake in 1994, she spent several months traveling and photographing the sites, people and landscapes of Italy, Greece, and France. She returned the following year, traveling through Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Germany and France before settling in Paris for six months. She later traveled to Central Mexico, China and other parts of Asia to add to her collection of travel photographs, many of which have been sold as stock photography. Kerry is Fluent in English and moderate in French and Spanish. Patric, a lifelong resident of Glendale, California, was introduced to photography upon birth. His father has owned and operated a camera shop all his life. With every type of camera at his fingertips, he learned at a very young age all technical aspects of every form of photography. Patric began making movies at the age of 8 years old, and began photographing events in high school. Patric, also an accomplished musician, earned his degree in Recording Engineering and has worked with many artists such as: GREEN DAY, BECK, LIONEL RICHIE, RANDY NEWMAN, ETTA JAMES, AIR SUPPLY, POISON, MOTLEY CRUE, CHEAP TRICK, WINGER, BERNADETTE PETERS, JOE WILLIAMS, and many more. He took his mixing knowledge and began a career in FILM as a POST-PRODUCTION Engineer, mixing many of todays blockbuster movies into 23 different languages. He is Fluent in English, Armenian, Farsi, and Latin Spanish. During his transition from Music to Film, he met Kerry. Finding they were the perfect match for each other, they got married and began their business together. With the combination of all their experience in the entertainment industry and photography, they have created an exceptional DYNAMIC Photography Business. Kerry and Patric live in the Denver/Boulder Metro area, in Erie, in the Vista Ridge Golf Course community 

They also continue to work in Los Angeles / New York throughout the year.

Get Inspired

2457 Vale Way, Erie, CO  80516

720-890-8083 - Colorado

818-298-6123 - Los Angeles 

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